A Crypto Asset Marketplace built on the ARK blockchain technology.

Ripa Exchange is an hybrid-decentralized exchange with a strong focus on lowering the entry level for opening new exchanges and giving crypto traders safe and secure trading partners to operate on a daily basis.

The Exchange

The Ripa Exchange is built based on the Open Source code of Peatio [貔貅] and thanks to RLSP (Ripa Liquidity Service Provider) each exchange in the RIPA network will share the same orderbook giving exchange managers a liquidity to offer to their end users from day 1.

Open Source

Ripa Exchange is and always will be free of charge for exchange managers: you will have only to pay for server, network security operations, call center operators and other resources needed to run an exchange and give platinum support to your clients.

You can make all the customization you want on the source code as all the source base is released under the MIT license.

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Bank Grade Security

AES256 encryption keys and all the design of the exchange is build with a focus on security. Ruby on Rails is know to be a secure development environment for developers but we choose to complitely re-modularize the Peatio source base to make complete separation from the clients registry to the trading engine so no end users data will be compromised if the attacker is able to overcame the first level of security.

International AML/KYC standards are in place to secure compliance for your exchange in whichever country you want to install your instance.

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Ripa Liquidity Service Provider

RLSP is developed to permits you to have liquidity to offer to your clients from day 1 of your exchanges operation: your new Ripa Exchange instance will interface with the RIPA blockchain* to get all the liqudidy available in the exchanges network.

Exchange A that open the order will get 0,10% as transaction fee.

* thank you to ACES-ARK technology

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Ripa Blockchain Statistics





8 sec.

Forging Time


Forging Reward

Exchange Features

Open Source

Peatio is a customizable cryptocurrency exchange solution architecture enables easy connection to KYC/AML, authentication, ETL/reporting, and other services.

KYC Verification

Peatio KYC efficiently submits and exchanges KYC information to meet the banking supervisory standards and comply with Customer Due Diligence (CDD) requirements.

Transparent & Configurable

Peatio is a true open source technology making it secure, transparent, flexible and highly configurable.


Peatio supports a wide array of common languages, while improving usability for users all over the world.

Proof of Solvency

Peatio Proof of Solvency (PoS) allows users to verify the solvency of the Peatio based cryptocurrency exchange without compromising user privacy.


Peatio allows to create multiple accounts and trading in multiple currencies. Peatio makes it is easy to trade different currencies.

Enterprise Exchange

Peatio enterprise exchange features include a high-performance matching engine, scalable distributed worker threads, and SMS 2-factor authentication.

Functional & Intuitive

Clean, user friendly registration and login interface. Personalized deposit and withdraw procedure and a built-in proof-of-solvency audit.

Ripa Exchange Trading Console

The Ripa Exchange Trading Console is a fully responsive trading UI built with responsive design to save you time and money, while enabling your clients to conveniently access your content on any device.

Ripa Exchange specializes in designing beautiful interfaces for content while balancing your application to be consistent as viewport increases.

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"Starting an exchange shouldn't be hard, what is hard is to give platinum support to your clients, comply with international regulations and have reliable banking partners to operate with: you should focus on that while the code and liquidity to start your exchanges operations is given to you free of charge."

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